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Export compliance has become an increasingly difficult area for many companies. With government automation of records and an active effort by U.S. government enforcement personnel, clients are increasingly being subject to export compliance verification questions and investigations. The penalties for non-compliance with respect to exports are significantly higher than for imports. Under strict liability, penalties can be as high as $250,000 per violation. Confirming whether or not a commercial product has an ECCN on the CCL is not a simple process.

Through our patented interview process, GTK ECCN guides you to the appropriate ECCN classification and documents the steps for record-keeping purposes. GTK ECCN is updated as changes to the Commerce Control List are published to ensure that you are using the most recent and accurate version of the CCL.


“When we were faced with an upgrade to meet the Customs requirements for Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), we turned to the experts at GTKonnect. We upgraded to the product suite Exports, Trade Agreements, FTZ, Global Parts, and Imports. Not only did they provide us with exceptional technical support during this upgrade, but the training and continued support has been superior to any other company. We look forward to future upgrades and a continued partnership with GTKonnect.”

Javier and Garcia,
Imports & Inventory Control Manager, CARISAM


  • Sophisticated decision tree tool that requires detailed technical knowledge of the merchandise to be classified for export.
  • Generates a record for reasonable care files that proves how each classification was determined, by whom and when.
  • Provides 24/7 access
  • Automatically documents each step of the classification process for due diligence and recordkeeping purposes.
  • Allows remote access, ideal for business travelers and remote or home office employees
  • This program is also ideal for company technical experts. It navigates through the ECCN classification process without requiring you to personally research the hundreds of pages in the Commerce Control List.
  • Is updated frequently incorporating all amendments to relevant Federal Regulations
  • Includes the new "600 series" ECCNs once they become effective
  • Retains the product classification details by part number or other company-specified reference number so that classification information can be retrieved quickly and easily by anyone with access to the system.
  • Simplifies with short-cut/index classifications of common, but difficult to classify products including:
    • Bearings or Bearing Assemblies
    • Cameras
    • Lasers
    • Night Vision Equipment
    • Power Supplies
    • Pumps
    • Valves
  • Simplifies searches in Category 9 (aerospace, etc.) zeroing in on the specific item you are searching for to shorten the amount of time spent classifying the item.

    Example: If you are attempting to classify an aircraft engine, you will spend most of your time on questions regarding engines and not missiles or other unrelated items, etc.

  • Simplifies the ECCN classification of a wide range of chemicals that have a Chemical Abstract Services (C.A.S.) number that allows you to determine the ECCN classification by entering the C.A.S. number or partial chemical name. To our knowledge, it is the only chemical C.A.S. number/ECCN identification software solution in the world.
  • Provides pop-ups to clarify ECCN references within the questions
  • Provides definition of terms pop-ups within questions to make the system more user friendly
  • Provides a valuable tool at a very modest expense