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GTKonnect Foreign-Trade Zone software solution aims to automate your zone related data management and transactions to the maximum possible extent by not only reconciling with your inventory BoM data, but also by integrating with your other systems and your partners to reduce data entry.


GTKonnect provided us a solution that fitted perfectly in our business environment and processes. GTKonnect ISF 10+2 solution gives us exactly what we need to meet with the new CBP regulation in addition to being easy and reliable to use.

Ivan Rosario,
Systems Manager, Stemcor


  • Ability to integrate your BoM data or your inventory consumption data to track inventory and avoid manual entry and reconciliation.
  • Comprehensive audit trail.
  • High level of flexibility to accommodate your complex manufacturing processes and its use of inventory towards products including exports, domestic, and ancillaries.
  • Ability to do weekly estimate tracking, anti-dumping tracking and combined NA Trade Agreements entries.
  • Automatically populate Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN) data by integrating with your partners including carriers, freight forwarders, vessel operators etc.
  • Integration with your CHB.
  • Ability to generate annual CBP Reconciliation Reports and Foreign-Trade Zone Board Report.
  • Generate Quarterly Harbor Maintenance Fee Data Report.
  • Supports ePTTs, CBPF 7512 (in-bond documentation) and QP/WP transmissions
  • Provides the ability to generate other custom reports
  • Direct submission of e-214
  • Direct submission of QP/WP (electronic in-bond transactions)
  • ABI and ACE approved