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GTKonnect Global Parts Module helps streamline Global Parts data management across organization. Trade Data for Vendors, Customers and other Parties that are part of the supply chain can be stored in the GTKonnect Global Parts module and shared with other systems through GTKonnect Integration Module.


GTKonnect provided us a solution that fitted perfectly in our business environment and processes. GTKonnect ISF 10+2 solution gives us exactly what we need to meet with the new CBP regulation in addition to being easy and reliable to use.

Ivan Rosario,
Systems Manager, Stemcor


  • Connect to US Customs through ABI link to query and maintain master data.
  • HTS updates published by customs can be immediately downloaded to the global parts module.
  • Reduces risk due to incorrect data.
  • Constant access to regulatory information.
  • Classification of products.
  • Central location for tariff schedule for multiple countries.
  • Connects easily with external applications to automatically load the master data through the GTKonnect integration module.
  • Master data can be uploaded through a flat file, CSV or excel formats.
  • Facility to store global trade content.
  • Information on vendors, manufacturers, customers, other parties that are part of the supply chain is maintained in global parts module.